Homefronts: Pensacola
I am the photographer, David Suhor.  

also David Suhor,
jazz vocalist, musician

preview East Hill
Homefronts: Pensacola is my own art project to photograph and present images of nearly every home in Pensacola, Florida's historic neighborhoods.  After taking select pictures for years, I realized that only an exhaustive pictoral study could capture the beauty of my hometown.  The result is an incredible collection of thousands of art and archive quality images, which I am ready to share here and in print. 

I no longer sell these images.  However, I have over 200 printed images in various sizes.  I will give them away, one at a time to the home-owner if I have it and you send me a pic of your house and the address.  I will give away most of my remaining collection (only the best shots) if they made available to show to the public.  Sorry, I gave away all the little pics already, leaving them at the doorsteps of the houses in 2006.
email me....info@davidsuhor.com
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