What are you doing?
Asked most often while bicycling and taking pictures, the short answer is "taking pictures...for art".

Next-most-asked.  The long answer is that I love Pensacola's historic neighborhoods and I want to help people preserve and enjoy them through photography.  Meanwhile, I hope to make a small return on my effort through sales of my work. 

Is this legal? 
Yes.  Taking pictures of people's homes is completly legal (and harmless), within a few bounds.  Believe me, I checked and so did the police called to question me.  Assuming one does not trespass, the public may view (or photograph) your home without your consent from any legal right of way such as the street or sidewalk.  What's more, a photograph (especially a good one) becomes a work of artisitic expression which is the property of its maker.  If you're still unsure, click here for more info.

How do people react to your shooting their homes?
Some have been surprisingly suspicious, while others are delighted and interested.  Every street has someone asking what am I doing and why.  After the above answers, I try to move on.  I've learned that people who fear your presence will not be satisfied whatever your answer.  Most are looking out for their neighbors, part of what make these communities great.

Where can I see these shots?
A small sampling of pictures of East Hill can be seen at this website.  Hundreds of prints are available via my retailer,  .  I also appear in person at regional arts fairs and festivals.  Please email for further info.

How are prints presented?
Prints are all matte finish.  Sizes vary: 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14.  All are mounted on 4-ply black mounting board of 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20 sizes.  Prints may be framed (I do not frame my work) or hanged as is.  All but the largest size include a protective plastic sleeve.  Custom prints, specially edited or grouped by theme, can be ordered from the photographer via email.

What other media are available?  CDs?
Screen saver and digital slideshow CD collections are available now for greater East Hill.  These include a "Best of" CD and as well as three CDs of East Hill: Upper, Middle and Lower (with the Eastside neighborhood).  All digital image files are tuned for computer or TV viewing.  These files are not full size and therefore not appropriate (or legal) for prints. 

How much are prints and CDs?
The ranges from FREE to just $25 for the largest custom works.  Please see the Price List for specifics.

May I reprint or copy your photo or files?
No.  These are copyrighted works of art and it is illegal to print, copy or distribute them without my permission.  I am happy to provide a free, unmarked sample shot of your home in digital form and al prints are reasonably prices.  Prints are best made from their largest original, which I retain for my records.

How are your images shot?
All photos are taken during late morning or afternoon light onto a color digital camera using 3.2 megapixel resolution (2048x1536).  Edited images or those on CDs collections may be slightly smaller due to cropping.

How do you edit images?
All images are individually edited and sorted via computer.  This may include cropping and rotating, but not retouching and rarely light enhancement.  All finished images are different sizes and prints are hand trimmed.

Can you make art of photos?
Yes!  A variety of art effects can make photos look like a hand-made rendering in styles such as watercolor or impressionistic painting, charcoal or pencil sketch, stained glass, old photo and others. 
What do you look for when shooting?
Primarily, I try to shoot the "bones" of the house from whatever angle looks best.  Each house has its own features which must be considered, including trees, walkways, fences, powerlines, etc.  I work very hard and use experience to get the best possible shot at that moment.

Why isn't my house included in those shown or printed?
Obstacles such as cars, trash cans, campers, boats, construction equipment, signs, decorations, people and even pets can prevent a shot from reaching my standard for art quality.  Lighting may also ruin a photo.  Whenever possible, I reshoot when these obstacles are removed.

Are you still shooting?  Reshooting free?
Yes.  I am expanding my coverage and still reshooting houses which were obscured the first time around.  I will reshoot your home free of charge and by appointment if needed.  I also shoot houses outside my prescibed areas for a small fee, depending on the location.

Why not display the addresses? 
Collecting addresses was not part of the shooting process and is far too tedious anyway.  I can find most homes by address and description, as shots are taken in predictable grids and sorted by street as they are downloaded.

What themes do these houses share? 
As in most historic neighborhoods, there is huge variety.  Many homes have elements they share, making for fun photo themes,  They include street, color, vegetation, elevation, walkways, arches, brickwork, stonework, ironwork, and architectural style, among others.     

How did you get the idea?  
I got the idea biking around looking at beautiful houses around me everywhere.

What future plans do you have for this Homefronts?
First, I must print and mount more photos.  I will continue shooting historic areas.  I plan to offer more variety of prints as they are purchased.  There will be a mass mailing to all whose houses where photographed.  I may reshoot in another season.  I also plan a calendar for 2007 and several art fair appearances.   
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
email me:  homefronts@davidsuhor.com